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Our seasoned team of facilitators provide a full range of customized and cost-effective training solutions designed to help your people achieve their performance objectives.

Learn all about our TRAININGessentials™ Programs:

HR Fundamentals

Learn the essential procedures and policies necessary to execute a strategic and effective HR plan. These programs will teach participants the importance of understanding employment law, harassment and violence policies, and much more.


Learn how to become a great leader by building trust and respect with your team. Through these training programs, participants will acquire the tools necessary to enhance employee performance, lead effectively and create a positive workplace culture.

Team Building

Learn how to cultivate a positive work environment that allows your team to work cohesively to achieve the organization’s goals. These programs will teach participants how to effectively build a diverse team and determine their team’s strengths and challenges.

Personal Effectiveness

Learn how to establish a work environment where everyone is motivated to grow and build supportive relationships. These programs will help participants to develop skills in a variety of areas including negotiating, communication, time management, conflict management, and much more.

  • MaxPeople will design your program utilizing a combination of learning techniques. Some examples include but are not limited to:
    • Interactive/thought-provoking activities
    • Small table group work, case studies
    • Roleplays
    • Quizzes
    • Assessments
    • Classroom lecture
    • On-the-job assignments
  • We solicit stakeholders to obtain real-life examples and/or situations that your people face on-the-job and incorporate these examples into the program content as well as our own related experiences
  • Experiential Learning is a fundamental aspect in all of our sessions as we, along with research, have found that adults learn and retain the most information when they are directly involved in hands-on, meaningful experiences
  • Our methods of delivery include classroom, webinar, coaching and keynotes

✔ Improve decision making for managers who have the perspective to make informed, intelligent business decisions
✔ Employees become more versatile and are better equipped to deal with the changing demands of the workplace and business environment
✔ Foster a culture that encourages, supports, and invests in the development of employees which enhances workplace culture and increases morale amongst employees

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)
  • SKILLSCOPE® 360-Degree Feedback
  • Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA 360 Feedback®)
  • McQuaig®
  • DiSC®
  • HBDI™
  • Ken Blanchard Situational® (SLII®)
  • Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI)


Over the past 5 years, we have developed a great professional relationship with MaxPeople.  They contribute on the delivery of our webinars and education sessions at our annual National Conference and Trade Show.  Their topics resonate well with Human Resources and Payroll Professional membership at the Canadian Payroll Association and we continue to use them year over year.  Their average speaker scores are 4.6 out of 5 and their speakers are extremely knowledgeable, dynamic and very engaging.

-Canadian Payroll Association

We found MaxPeople’s facilitator to be a very good instructor. She was knowledgeable and very upbeat. She produced a lot of energy and projected it into the class. Her use of the flip chart, lecture techniques, and timing of class participation worked well to keep the participants alert, involved and entertained. A few of the participants found a couple of the exercises confusing. This prompted more discussion and involvement. I do not know if this was by design but it worked well. Discussion continued among the participants over the next couple of days after the class. All of the participants said that they found many things useful, to use in their daily duties and tasks. It has been a week since the training and I continue to see the staff using what they learned. It has created a more positive atmosphere in our office.  I am sure that our customers appreciate it too.

-Budget Propane Corporation

Julie and MaxPeople have been instrumental in supporting our organization as we invest in developing and growing our leadership team. MaxPeople is able to pinpoint the most impactful modules for the audience and create content that is unique, meaningful and thought-provoking. The delivery is engaging and participative, and I’ve received nothing but raving feedback from all participants about the program. We are looking forward to rolling out similar programs for up and coming groups in our organization.


The MaxPeople facilitator was very engaging and informative. Our staff thought it was the best training session they’ve ever had in years. They were able to put their learning into perspective and apply their skills to their work experiences. We would highly recommend MaxPeople for any training that is required.

-Angus Glen

I found MaxPeople’s session on Communicating Effectively quite beneficial. Often times I find it difficult to hold staff accountable, to engage them and make them feel like their roles here are more than just sitting here answering the phones. This session gave me the tools and insight on how to handle these situations. As a young manager I felt I needed something to give me the confidence to ensure everyone is doing what is required of them but I needed to find a way to go about it properly. This session gave me the procedures for how to do that. I felt like everyone in attendance really learned something – from listening skills, handling difficult conversations, managing time effectively, and becoming a leader. Julie was a great presenter and kept everyone engaged, she was great at keeping our team on track and keeping the session flowing.

-The Badminton and Racquet Club of Toronto