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Our HR experts are always ready to assist you on any essential day-to-day HR matters in real-time. You can contact us for practical and prompt advice on workplace issues throughout the duration of the employment lifecycle, from recruitment to termination.

Learn all about the HRessentials™ package:

  • Business Review with Leadership Team to understand core company objectives
  • Quarterly activity and future initiative reports
  • Virtual unlimited over-the-phone and written advice and support, including HR Coaching as needed
  • Weekly one-on-one huddle with HR expert to discuss ongoing HR and business challenges
  • Employee relations issues dealt with in a timely matter
  • All templates throughout the employment life-cycle
  • Assistance from Rodney Employment Law on pre-litigation issues
  • Regular updates and developments regarding Human Resources and employment/labour law matters
  • Free webinars covering a wide variety of both HR and developmental topics, as well as Compliance webinars
  • Assistance with Agreement and contract reviews
  • Expertise on termination/severance packages
  • Support on disability cases, workplace harassment investigations, and Human Rights
  • Review and revision of workplace policies and procedures

✔ Improved employee relations, performance, and engagement

✔ Increased employee satisfaction and productivity

✔ Attraction, retention, and development of your people

✔ HR issues dealt with in a timely fashion

✔ Reduced turnover costs associated with poor hiring decisions

✔ Guidance to support all of your HR questions and issues quickly

✔ Mitigate HR and Employment law-related costs and risks

✔ Ensure compliance with all Ministry regulations

Check out what some of our HRessentials clients are saying:

MaxPeople has provided invaluable service to our organization.  They have renovated our internal processes by helping us with the onboarding and training of new people, the development of current staff as well as the implementation of a mid-management structure. They have helped us setup the bones of a company that could further grow.  It started off as HR which is great but it led internally to so much more.


MaxPeople are our ‘go to’ for all of our HR needs across the organization.  Whether it is helping us to document our HR processes to providing professional HR services to support our employees, MaxPeople are always there to support our organization.  With a highly dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced team, they ensure that our HR program aligns with our needs and matches the growth of our organization.  It is a pleasure to work with them and we look forward to a continued partnership for many years to come.  Thank you MaxPeople!

-Parks & Recognition (PRO)

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