Our HR experts are always ready to assist you on any essential day-to-day HR matters in real-time. You can contact us for practical and prompt advice on workplace issues throughout the duration of the employment lifecycle, from recruitment to termination.

Learn all about the HRessentials™ package:

  • Business Review with Leadership Team to understand core company objectives
  • Quarterly activity and future initiative reports
  • Virtual unlimited over-the-phone and written advice and support, including HR Coaching as needed
  • Weekly one-on-one huddle with HR expert to discuss ongoing HR and business challenges
  • Employee relations issues dealt with in a timely matter
  • All templates throughout the employment life-cycle
  • Assistance from Rodney Employment Law on pre-litigation issues
  • Regular updates and developments regarding Human Resources and employment/labour law matters
  • Free webinars covering a wide variety of both HR and developmental topics, as well as Compliance webinars
  • Assistance with Agreement and contract reviews
  • Expertise on termination/severance packages
  • Support on disability cases, workplace harassment investigations, and Human Rights
  • Review and revision of workplace policies and procedures

✔ Improved employee relations, performance, and engagement

✔ Increased employee satisfaction and productivity

✔ Attraction, retention, and development of your people

✔ HR issues dealt with in a timely fashion

✔ Reduced turnover costs associated with poor hiring decisions

✔ Guidance to support all of your HR questions and issues quickly

✔ Mitigate HR and Employment law-related costs and risks

✔ Ensure compliance with all Ministry regulations