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MaxPeople is a versatile and cost-effective partner for all your Human Resources needs.

We offer comprehensive HR Consulting, Employment Law and Training services.

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We maximize employee engagement, retention and growth to help you achieve your business goals. Check out what some of our clients have to say about us:

I found MaxPeople’s session on Communicating Effectively quite beneficial. Often times I find it difficult to hold staff accountable, to engage them and make them feel like their roles here are more than just sitting here answering the phones. This session gave me the tools and insight on how to handle these situations. As a young manager I felt I needed something to give me the confidence to ensure everyone is doing what is required of them but I needed to find a way to go about it properly. This session gave me the procedures for how to do that. I felt like everyone in attendance really learned something – from listening skills, handling difficult conversations, managing time effectively, and becoming a leader. Julie was a great presenter and kept everyone engaged, she was great at keeping our team on track and keeping the session flowing.

     -The Badminton and Racquet Club of Toronto

Working with the MaxPeople team has been one of the best business decisions that we have made. They have helped us put in all the necessary HR processes, policies and procedures in place, not only to ensure that we’re compliant,  but to ensure that we’re set-up for continued growth well into the future. They have taken a lot of the HR pressure off of my plate, and have given me more time to focus on my other responsibilities (i.e. finances), which has saved me a lot of stress and headaches. The team is very professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend MaxPeople to any company that is looking for additional support to help their business grow.


The MaxPeople facilitator was very engaging and informative. Our staff thought it was the best training session they’ve ever had in years. They were able to put their learning into perspective and apply their skills to their work experiences. We would highly recommend MaxPeople for any training that is required.

     -Angus Glen

MaxPeople has been instrumental in enhancing and strengthening our Association’s internal HR functions and policies. They have provided invaluable services in the design and delivery of a revised comprehensive Human Resources Manual, a team building session and ongoing coaching. In doing so, their team carefully tailored each service offering to compliment CCA’s philosophy while always incorporating our specific requirements. CCA is very satisfied with the relationship it has developed with this firm. The quality service provided by MaxPeoplePerform is a signature of their commitment to excellence.

     -Canadian Construction Association  

Julie and MaxPeople have been instrumental in supporting our organization as we invest in developing and growing our leadership team. MaxPeople is able to pinpoint the most impactful modules for the audience and create content that is unique, meaningful and thought-provoking. The delivery is engaging and participative, and I’ve received nothing but raving feedback from all participants about the program. We are looking forward to rolling out similar programs for up and coming groups in our organization.


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Is “Work from Home” a Credible Alternative?

Is “Work from Home” a Credible Alternative?

The traditional five-day, 40-hour workweek has long been regarded as the “standard” for operational efficiency and consistency. However, the advancement of technology in the workplace has provided the opportunity for scheduling flexibility and “work from home” options. Consequently, employers must now weigh the merits of a flexible workplace environment. As a Human Resources and Employment Law firm, we work with various employers with mindsets ranging from traditional to progressive as we explore new trends and find creative solutions that fit their workplace. Here is what we are hearing and seeing.

Caution: Toxic Work Environment

Caution: Toxic Work Environment

Nothing is more toxic and contagious than workplace drama. Whether it stems from a tyrannical manager, vindictive co-workers, or overall organizational disarray; workplace drama can be extremely damaging to employee morale and productivity. If ignored, a toxic workplace plagued by drama and disorganization can manifest into a serious problem for both the employee and the employer. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize the warning signs of toxicity before your company culture is permanently infected.

My Dog Ate My Car Keys: Managing Absenteeism in Today’s Workplace

My Dog Ate My Car Keys: Managing Absenteeism in Today’s Workplace

In the eyes of the employee, acts that qualify as employee absenteeism are usually considered harmless or unavoidable. However, persistent workplace absenteeism is a worrisome behaviour that can be detrimental to an organization’s goals. The key to managing absenteeism is to find a balance between what is right and fair to the employee while meeting the needs of the business.

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